Planning to Detox, all you have to do is come with a healing mindset and follow the instruction with every plan. You will be amazed to see the results and will soon put yourself a habit of detox.

We have a wide range of healthy concoctions and virgin juices suiting different requirement. However, for the comfort of our clients, we have four plans that you can choose from.


Bring yourself the Joy of your first Detox. Feel it matter to your body. This plan comprises of juices in a well-balanced portion of fibre, greens, veggies and fruits to cleanse and prepare your body for the further process. This plan is of low intensity and recommended for beginners.


Bliss is the plan for ones who have tried a detox before and intend to move further to an elevated detox experience. Bliss comprises of juices from veggies and herbs that are expertly selected and concocted to an experience that makes you feel lighter and refreshed.


Ecstasy plan indulges in concoctions that are meant to deeply flush your body of all the harmful toxins. The detox process is intense, supplemented by juices that are mixed to achieve a deep cleansing effect. This plan is recommended for advanced cleansing.