Why juices when I can have healthy and full-filled solid meals?

Our body goes through a self-cleansing and healing process at certain regular intervals. Intake of solid food even though it is the healthiest becomes a hurdle in the body’s natural cleansing and healing cycle, which in the long term leads to various chronic ailments. Whereas, detox juices support the system in the cleaning process and consciously helps you in a total detox.

Do you have a dietitian in-house who can guide us with the choice of specific juices or packages you offer?

We come across clients from different lifestyles. Some purely come with the intent of detoxifying and for them, we have standards packages. However, for specific cases, we bring in the in-house dietitian or experts to give you the required consultation before starting the detox process.

What is the ideal time within which to consume the juice?

Our juices come with Zero Sugar, Zero Preservatives and No Pasteurizing and therefore recommended to be consumed within 24 hours of receiving.

How do I decide on a certain cleansing plan? Do you have a dietitian who can guide?

You can write to us or call us with your specific request and an in-house dietitian can guide you with choosing the right plan or even customizing one.

What should be the Pre-cleanse regimen?

It is necessary to support, to prepare the body for the cleansing process so you derive the optimum results. Every cleansing process should be supported by drinking lots of water, cutting off animal-based products, cutting off caffeine, eating more of raw fruits and vegetables. The detox juices will be highly effective if this regimen will be followed.

Can I put my children on the cleansing process?

Juice as a drink is revitalizing and refreshing for children, but not as a part of cleansing or detox plan. Kindly refrain.

What are the after-effects of cleansing?

The detox process ensures the toxins are flushed from your system making you feel lighter, refreshed and energetic.

What are the precautions to be taken before starting the cleansing process?

Every cleansing plan comes with its individual set of instructions    including time, doses as well as Do’s & Don’ts. But generally, one should refrain from intoxication before starting the detox process. For effective results, practice mild walking and exercise, warm showers, intermittent fasting (Only liquids, no solid foods) & lots of water during the cleansing process.

What are the basic ingredients you derive the concoctions from?

We bring the fruits, herbs, veggies as the three main components to derive different concoctions. Besides seeds and nuts are also a a minor part of the juices.

Are the juice jars recyclable or environmentally friendly?

We don’t use plastic bottles as they are not good for juice itself and largely for the environment. We use high-quality glass bottles which are recyclable as it keeps the juices fresh and glass avoids any reactions with the juice.

How about the used bottles? Do you collect them back?

Yes. We even provide an empty bottle pickup service for recycling to the customers.

Who decides the Plans and Custom Preparations?

Our in-house dietitian and nutrition experts.

Do you prepare juices as per my compositions?

Yes, we can deliver you juices as per your compositions with the help of our dietitian and nutrition experts.

Do you recommend only one standard plan or I can try detoxifying with a different set every time?

You can start with the standard package JOY and gradually go to the ECSTASY. We have designed the plans for you in such a way that if followed properly, they will result in maximum benefits. You can also get your plan customized as per your goals in our customs section

Do you use any additional sweeteners in the juice?

No. We do not use any additional sweeteners or additives.

What do I eat if I have hunger pangs between my scheduled juices?

We recommend you eat fruits or unprocessed raw food. They will do the least hindrance in your detoxification process.

I am habituated to drinking a lot of water daily, can I drink loads of water between the detox plan?

    Definitely. It will help flush away the toxins and act as great support for your detox journey.

What are the side effects of cleansing?

There are visibly no side effects of cleansing. One might feel a little dizzy, but that’s a rare case because the body is just getting adjusted to fasting and detoxing. But there is nothing to worry as such good habits always take some time and efforts to blossom.

Do I directly start with solids post-cleansing process?

You can, but the best results can be derived if you follow the schedule that came with the plan.

How do I order your juices?

You can reach us through a Phone call, e-mail or WhatsApp message.

Will I lose weight during the cleansing process?

Cleansing is associated with a little weight loss as the client is not accustomed to fasting. However, weight loss should not be the ultimate goal of cleansing, but a preparatory process.

Can I take my daily vitamins and other medication during the cleansing process?

Our juices are richly supplemented with vitamins and other nutrients. However, you can go ahead with your daily dose of vitamins too.

Can I take the cleansing process while breast-feeding or pregnancy?

Cleansing is highly not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

How does cleansing help with my smoking habit?

he detox process to a large extent helps cleanse the liver, only with the realization to wane on the smoking habit eventually.

I am a diabetic, can I opt for cleansing?

Cleansing juices are a mix of fruits and vegetables and primarily not recommended for diabetics due to the natural sugar content in them.

I have nuts and gluten allergy; Can I still opt for detox?

Yes of course. We can design concoctions for you excluding nuts. We are totally gluten-free and completely natural.

I am not used to fasting, can I opt for some solid foods in between the juice schedule prescribed?

A regime is not a regime if it is not followed well. Opting out steps will not give you optimal results. It is hence recommended to relax a bit and follow the plan. All you have to do is just start and things are easy.

How do I store the juice?

The juices need to be refrigerated as soon as it is delivered. Ensure that you do not freeze it, and, consume it within 24 hrs. of receiving.

Can I skip the green juices as a part of the plan?

If skipping was on the menu, we could skip all the necessary and important. Our plans are worked around ingredients that bring you all-round supplements, it is therefore recommended to consume the different juices as per plan for best results.

When can I start a cleanse?

You can start cleaning as soon as you decide to. It has to be a conscious effort. However, for medical conditions, it is recommended to have your Doctor’s or our Dietitian’s consent before beginning.