• What are the shipping charges/ delivery charges?

We charge flat Rs.20/- within 5 Km. radius if you are ordering from our site, with us directly. If you are ordering through any delivery partner website, they will charge their fees accordingly.

  • Once booked, when can I expect my juices to be delivered?

Within a period of 24 hours under normal circumstances. These are not on the shelf consumables and hence pre-ordering is important.

  • Do you deliver outside of Navi Mumbai?

Our operations currently span across Navi Mumbai and Delhi-NCR.

  • Can I get my juices on short notice?

Yes, of course. You must order at least 1-2 hrs. prior to starting your detox plan.

  • Do you have any operational/delivery holidays?


  • What are your return policies?

    • We will refund money if any expired juice bottle is being delivered to you mistakenly.

    • We will provide an exchange service if juices are mistakenly ordered by you. This is applicable for an order value of Rs.300 plus.

    • No product will be returned or refunded for, after 24 hours of the delivery.

  • How do I cancel/change my plan or request?

You can update us on cancellations through a Call, WhatsApp or through email.

  • What are your Payment Terms?

We accept payment through various online sources and we do provide COD as well.

  • What if I am under medical supervision and need to go for a detox plan?

People under any medical supervision or with any health issues must take advice from their doctors before going for any detox plan or juices.

  • What preliminary care should I be taking to preserve the juices?

              The juices must be kept under the required temperature as prescribed on the product to maintain freshness.

  • What is the expiry time of the product?

              Every bottle comes with its manufacturing date and is valid to be consumed within 24 hours. One should not consume any expired product.

  • How do I ensure my juices are well-packed and secured?

              Every product comes to a seal, if it is broken, please don’t accept the product.